Please share how you became an entrepreneur and what inspired you to open xhWireless?

I love cell phones. I've worked in the cell phone sales industry for 15 years. During that time, there have been so many changes – our phones no longer just connect us to other people, but also to new ideas and information on the internet.
I wanted to combine my passion for telecommunications with my passion for helping others. xhWireless is the perfect platform for me to do this.

Please share with everyone why xhWireless is so necessary. Is it common for people to overspend on their cell phone bills?

Yes.  As the telecommunication world grows, so does the confusion around its prices, terminology and contracts.  There's a lot to learn.  Buyers can get trapped by commission seeking sales people, especially if they don't understand the industry language and don't know what to ask.

xhWireless is here to walk people through the process from beginning to end. We can help buyers decide on their purchases and, more commonly, help correct purchases that don't suit the buyer's needs or budget. We are the interpreter, the buffer, and the problem solver.

What are the top ways people get ripped off on their cell phone bills and how does xhWireless tackle the issue?

People want to pay the lowest price for the cell phone itself. When buyers only look at the price of the hardware, they don't realize that the contracts attached to these cell phones may cost way more in the long run.  Busy people may not take the time to read their contracts carefully.  And sales people may not take the time to go over the contracts carefully.  So buyers may not know their contract details – like what is considered their local calling area.  Not knowing exactly what your contract covers and what it does not can lead to unexpected charges on your bill.

xhWireless takes the time to educate its clients on cost differences and contract details. This way, there are no unwanted surprises.

How can people get started with xhWireless?

You can visit our website at


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